• Lillee Jean

Top 5 Essential Oils

If I was told to ONLY pick 5 favorite essential oils, that would be TOUGH! However, being I’ve gotten into holistic methods, and happen to love the benefits of RAW unaltered ingredients, I’ve pretty much have experimented with, and have experienced most EP (essential oil’s). Here are my TOP 5, with an explanation of the benefits reaped, and why I love that given oil! Please note EO can be diluted with numerous compounds such as H20, Witch Hazel, and carrier oils, but this is focused on the oil itself, without a dilution. ALSO happy #WorldEnvironmentDay!

Lavender smells AMAZING! This EO also has numerous benefits such as skin calming for inflammations, softening the skin, and easing tensions with moods. This happens to be my number one because it has the most amazing scent, which relaxes my tense body, and I’ve witnessed hands on it bring down my hive inflammations when I get stressed or have an allergic reaction to something! 100% a MUST HAVE in anyone’s arsenal.


Ooooh, lemongrass! This literally smells like lemons…and grass. However, lemongrass makes for great aromatherapy, is amazing when it comes to killing bacteria, and even works for muscle aches and pains, though I have not tested that out yet. For me, I like to put it in a diffuser to loosen up mucus I get from having allergies! Since this is antimicrobial, I use it as a natural cleaner mixed with a base of Vitamin E oil, and cleanse wood finishes, door knobs, and so on, and so forth. Another added benefit is to apply this to your scalp to help with dandruff or psoriasis!

Orange EO, made from orange peels, is a disinfectant, that works for aromatherapy, and in my findings is amazing on the skin, of course diluted! I actually used this to ward off a bunch of fire ants that were climbing up on my windowsill, and literally, they began slowing down in the thick oil…and just sorta’ “died” on the spot. How’s that for antibacterial? I also love the juicy scent of this oil, and how FRESH it makes you feel. I will say that if you have a ton of mucus, do not put this in a diffuser, in large quantities, as it WILL make breathing harder! On another note, if you desire plump skin, go for the orange EO.

Tea Tree is a staple, what can I say? Tea tree oil or “melalueca”, has numerous antiseptic properties, and is THE TOP antibacterial essential oil! It is derived from an Australian plant called the “Melaleuca alternifolia.” It can be used on acne (DILUTED), fungal infections, lice, athlete’s food, and even ringworm. For me, I use this sparingly, because when used too often on the skin it actually dries the face out, even diluted, and causes the reaction of sebum to build in excess to aid the dry/dead skin cells! Nevertheless, my favorite is a tea tree oil bath, which always leaves me feeling squeaky clean. For those with psoriasis or dandruff, apply a little bit of this to your scalp, then wash out! You’ll find your head is less itchy due to the TTO (tea tree oil) lifting the dead skin cells, and allowing fresh hair production to occur.


It was between frankincense and peppermint oil, but frankincense won, as peppermint oil breaks me out, when used in large quantities, or for too long! Frankincense is an astringent, and a therapeutic oil. I use this on my mom, specifically, due to the fact it helps with chronic stress and actually reduces pore size! She happens to have larger pores and oily skin. After massaging some frankincense on her skin for 2 days, in 2 weeks, I’ve noticed a MAJOR difference in the way her skin produces sebum (less), and the way her pores look! Due to the fact frankincense helps inflammation, which is normally due to oily skin, it adversely, helps with larger pores. The only downside is this does indeed smell like a spice rack…MMMM!

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