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Trying Under Eye Dark Circle Treatments At Home

     Not enough rest, stress, and perhaps some annoying allergies can all be the perfect storm for under eye dark circles! I myself am suffering bad from heavy eyeglass frames, sensitive under eyes, and oh yeah, sleep deprivation, allergies…need I continue? This blog post, however, is about WHAT I am doing to help improve under eye darkness, and basically how it’s going! While I do not have photos to chronicle “improvement”, know this blog post will be updated at some point to show if the circles are better…or not so much.

     What you love’s shall see below is all the methods I’ve either done, or happen to be doing to improve darkness under my eyes, and to the touch sensitive skin on the under eye area!

Salad ME Up

Cucumbers are number one on people’s list when it comes to eye puffiness and dark circles! This is due to the fact cucumbers contain ascorbic acid, and caffeic acid, which both bring down water retention in the eyes. For me, however, my eyes aren’t swollen, but both acids have lightening effects so I held out hope!

Hot/Cold Treatment

I bought a gel mask from Amazon last week that can be chilled in the freezer, or warmed in the microwave! For further information, HOT (warm, really) opens up the pores but can help soothe irritated nerves and calm the surrounding skin. COLD tightens the skin, and works to bring down puffiness!

I opted in for the cold treatment, and put my mask in the freezer for 1 day. The following night, I took the mask out, allowed it to defrost to a suitable cool temperature, then put the mask on my face! The one I bought has a velcro back, this way it STAYS ON! I kept the mask on until it felt lukewarm, which was around 15 minutes. It felt overall relaxing, and cooling since not only my under eyes were being treated, so was my eyelids and even the sides of my eyes! After the 15 minutes was up, I removed the eye mask and gently patted my eyes with a clean rag to remove excess water (as the mask defrosts, it will leak). When I looked in the mirror my eyes were a bit red, but I noticed that puffiness wasn’t EVEN in question! This is probably a good method for someone who has VERY bad allergies and even a fever since the mask covered a large portion of my face.


If I’m to be honest I don’t like “serums” nor “eye creams” since they always have TOO MUCH in them, and frankly too many bad ingredients. However, since Vitamin c is recommended for dark circles, I needed to find a stabilized version that wouldn’t hurt my skin! Vitamin c is HIGHLY acidic. I purchased this serum from Amazon: and gently patted the hyaluronic acid and vitamin c duo under my eyes before bed, for 3 days straight! I haven’t noticed a MAJOR improvement, other than perhaps my complexions look’s a tad brighter.

Remove The Frames

My last resort was simply changing up my eyeglasses! If your eyeglasses are too heavy or touch your cheeks in my case, chances are they’re causing sensitivity and bruises, too. To my luck, switching out frames did work, when it came to my outer corners looking blueish! Albeit, I still have a bit of darkness from my tear-ducts down, but the majority of irritation has gone down DRASTICALLY.


Essential oils are my FAVORITE! Coffee is recommended to help boost circulation and to help reduce puffiness. However, it must be diluted. In order to do so, I mixed 4 drops of coffee oil with a ratio of 4/2 of sweet almond oil (carrier oil) for one heck of a dark circle beating combo! Sweet almond oil has high contents of Vitamin A, thus making it amazing for depositing fatty acids, and proteins to the skin. Anyhow, once I had my mixture, I gently patted the combo under my eyes for the duration of 3 days. I have not noticed MAJOR lightening, but I have noticed that my skin looks more supple, and actually more “rejuvenated”. Please note CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR when it comes to essential oils, as pregnant women should steer clear! I am just giving you loves my experience, BUT I am not a certified doctor by any means.

All in All

All in all, changing my frames is what seemed to “do the trick”. I happen to believe the oils worked since my skin feels softer, and my under-eyes look less purple/blue, however, it’s quite telling when the day after I change my glasses, the bruising went away! What treatments do you love’s use at home when you need a pick me up? Let me know in the comments below!

(I didn’t add allergy medication to this post since I wanted to aim for organic options, first, plus the fact I am NOT a doctor!)

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