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Lillee Jean Jessica Rabbit Red & Purple Makeup Tutorial Valentine’s Day 2017

Ahh, the makeup of Jessica Rabbit is coveted, and loved by many. The character's signature purple shadow and juicy red lips surely have anyone sold, but what if there was Valentine’s Day twist, adding a bit more red to the mix!? Intentionally, there was no purpose for rhyming there, OOPS, haha. Anyhow, with a bit of J-Rabbit pizzazz, and V-Day love, here is my inspired glittery makeup tutorial that’s sure to dazzle anyone who steps in your way! Enjoy my loves.

Lillee Jean Jessica Rabbit Red & Purple Makeup Tutorial Valentine’s Day 2017

Time to complete this tutorial: 27 Minutes (professionals/myself)

32 Minutes (beginners/ intermediate)

Remember how a few days ago I mentioned I like to cover the spectrum when it comes to makeup tastes? Well, view this look as sorta “COVERING” that other side of the spectrum for women who enjoy wearing a bit more of makeup, and take pride in vibrancy. In reality this shouldn’t take more than 27 (twenty-seven) minutes for one to complete, but I amped up the finishing time a tad for beginners and intermediate makeup lover, simply because I do know how difficult it can be to apply glitter, and to blend darker colors let alone. That said, and now moving along, to begin I prepped my skin with Shea Moisture’s 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and I evened out my skin tone with a sheer layer of Cover Fx’s Total Cover Cream Foundation in G20. Since the coconut oil forms SUCH a slicked base, I really just need a light stippling over imperfections with a dense blender such as Morphe’s M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush— less is more, always remember that!

For a dazzling highlight as bright as the glitters I chose, I tapped my finger into Arctic White Star Lit Liquid by Make Up For Ever, and I gently patted the product across my cheekbones, and directly on the sides of my nostrils for light-reflecting finishes. Lip wise I wanted to keep the lippies a dark raspberry with a bit of bricky undertones, so I mixed Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star Cosmetics, with a bit of Masochist applied on the center for a fade of raspberry to red. J-Rabbit has a tendency to wear red lips, however be my guest if you’d desire a light nude, or punchy pink.

Lillee Jean Jessica Rabbit Red & Purple Makeup Tutorial Valentine’s Day 2017

You probably notice the different layout for this blog post already (hopefully), but fear not this isn’t my typical setup! I just felt that with such a dramatic look, overflowing the blog post with photos would be too overwhelming, and wouldn’t teach you love's anything. With all that being said, pop out your Sweet Peach Pallet, and let’s get to work! First, swirling into ‘Charmed, I’m Sure’ with my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender Brush, I dusted the matte brown across my lids, and up into my crease with fluent side-to-side blending motions. This color will act as a transitional shade, and as a base for the colors to come! Speaking of colors to come, switching brushes to a Morphe M433 Brush, I lightly patted into ‘Peach Pit’, and transferred the given pigment onto my lids with a few side-to-side smudges, that inevitably gravitated a bit up into my crease, and on my lower lash lines– just like ‘Charmed, I’m Sure’, this color should be treated as an all over color shade, just this time with more concentration. Before packing on ANY glitter, I took the liberty of mixing Delectable, and Tempting together, to only apply the deep duo into the inner v of my eye sockets with firm nestling motions. Nestling should be viewed as very quant blends that are extremely concentrated, and do not disburse out., they hug the eyes rather.

Call me weird, but I work backward when glitter comes into the picture! Instead of applying the glitter, then struggling to apply lashes, and eyeliner, I prefer doing the tedious steps first, then topping off with glitter. The lashes actually catch a ton of the fall-out, too. Anyhow, right after finishing up the eyeshadow, I whipped out my Black Bean Jumbo Eye Pencil by Nyx Cosmetics, and I happily lined my waterlines, as well as a bit on my upper lash lines with well-blended smudges. From there I coated my natural lashes with Ciate’s Wonderwand Mascara, and applied, evidently, Huda Beauty’s Sasha False Lashes! Getting to the good part, I squeezed out a pea-sized amount of Nyx’s Glitter Primer onto the back of my hand, then with Sephora’s #18 brush, I spot-applied the sticky base onto my lids to prepare for glitter bombs. Speaking of those glitter bombs, with the glue tacky enough for the application, I first patted into Rose Glitter by Violet Voss Cosmetics and FIRMLY patted it across the inner thirds, and outer thirds of my lids with very gentle, yet guided, motions. Dipping next into Paige Glitter, I applied the color scarcely onto the center of my lids, then glazed it over with Rose Glitter to ensure the royal purple glitter wouldn’t be too powerful against the other hues used. Feel free to build up the pigment to your desired sparkle ;)!


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