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Valentine’s Day: Peachy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial FT. Too Faced Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Pallet

Good morning everyone! Not sure if you love bunnies were aware, but last year I TRIED to purchase the Too Faced Sweet Peach pallet, and to my luck, the pallet went out of stock as SOON as I hit the “checkout” button. Luckily this item has made a comeback, 2017, and to my knowledge it will be semi-permanent, thus you cuties can jump on this wonderful pallet, too! Look for my separate review by the end of the week– as you loves know, I KEEP IT REAL. Aside from this, I used the pallet to create my first Valentine’s Day inspired look of the season! Peachy tones can often yield not only fun, and girly vibes, but also sensual, and regal tones to your overall persona. I hope you loves enjoy!

Do be noted, as a disclaimer, ALL products were purchased with my own money, anything stated below is MY opinion, and all photos are raw, with minor touch ups of a lighting change, sharpness enhancement or a saturation enhancement. These factors DO NOT physically change the construct of each photo, they make it so you loves can see em’ clearly! Acts of “blurring” are NEVER done. Skin, is skin. If my makeup is not up to par on the lens, then it is not something I shall introduce to you beauties, though this has never, and will be never the case. Information stated below is both cited, and from my own studies. NOTHING has been copied, everything is my ideas, or shared concepts.

To not include imagery of FALSE advertisement my skin type is dry/sensitive, and any redness, or scabs happen to be hives from sadly…my nerves. With that being said, product recommendations, and your ability to relate might fluctuation, so feel free to ALWAYS ask me questions, this way you don’t end up spending money on the wrong items (for example, I use coconut oil as a base to sooth my hives, but for others this can be too oily, and NOT affective in curing one’s acne, in which I don’t have. Hives come, and go, and can sometimes last only 3 hours, so again, always ask before actually investing in products).

Time to complete this tutorial: 23 Minutes (professionals/myself)

27 Minutes (beginners/ intermediate)

Shea Moisture – 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Jouer Cosmetics – Luminizing Moisture Tint, Pearl

Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer

Dose Of Colors – Matte Liquid Lipstick, Bare With Me

I find it hysterical how last year I did a tutorial with the Chocolate Bon Bon’s Pallet (launched a few weeks before Valentine’s Day) regarding V-Day makeup, and this year I am doing V-Day makeup with the Sweet Peach Pallet– two different extremes on the spectrum! Besides this, please continue reading, because I will give a tiny review on the specific shadows used for this look as a “preview” to my final thoughts.

Mac Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Pro Pallet Refill Pan(s)

Brun (brows)

Too Faced Cosmetics – Sweet Peach Eyeshadow Pallet

Candid Peach (lids); Summer Yum (all over color); Tempting (lower lash, inner v); White Peach (inner corners, brow bones)

M433 Morphe Brush; Morphe E22 Pointed Blender

Right after filling in my eyebrows with Brun eye shadow by Mac Cosmetics, I quickly moved along to the eye makeup by beginning with two pieces of tape on the sides of my eyes to yield sharper blending cuts! From there, I whipped out my Morphe E22 Pointed Blender Brush, and swirled into Summer Yum, which is my favorite shade from the entire pallet. From the inner corners of my eyes, I dusted Summer Yum out towards the outer thirds of my crease with fluent side to side, and circular sweeps! Don’t fret if this shade isn’t pigmented at first, view it as a WASH of color. For a bit of dimension, I swept excess product across my lower lash lines, then I switched brushes to a Morphe M433 brush, as well as shadows to Tempting one of the darkest colors provided in the pallet. Tempting was taken from the deepest points of my outer thirds, in following across my natural crease line with buffing blends. This shade is highly pigmented, so I do suggest working in light layers! Now onto the star of the show, Candid Peach! This actually reminds me of Mac’s Free to Be shadow quite a bit, without the micro-shimmer. Anyhow, with my ring finger I patted the color across my lids in two builded up packing motions! I noticed this shade was rather sheer, and did take a few layers to get my desired finish. The last shadow I used was White Peach, and as you might of suspected, I took this color onto my brow bones, and towards my inner corners for a brightening effect. White Peach is interesting because it actually has a lovely pearl shift, sorta like Seedy Pearly by Mac, but less purple!

Mac Cosmetics – Eye Kohl, Teddy

Ciate London – Wonderland Mascara

Huda Beauty – Classic False Eyelashes, Sasha

To finish things up, I lined my upper lash lines with Teddy Eye Kohl by Mac Cosmetics, and I also lined my waterlines with the same shimmering bronze for a dramatic effect! Lash wise I coated my natural lashes with Ciate’s Wonderland Mascara, and applied Sasha False Lashes by Huda Beauty to really bring things together. IF you plan on wearing your makeup out for hours, I suggest opting in for a waterproof mascara, and perhaps a setting spray if you use more makeup than I do. Also lashes REALLY can change your final look, so do play with options of natural styles, and dramatic styles! Sasha is a light dramatic type of falsie, hence the spikes, but a more natural style has curly strands (Siren by House of Lashes), and might be more flattering for some! Hope you loves enjoyed, and thank you for reading, XOXO :).


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