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Valentine’s Day Sadness…WHAT TO DO!

Sending everyone #valentinesday kisses! Thanks for all the love on my other post (: #kisses💋

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Happy Valentine’s Day my love bunnies! Today is a day of celebrating friendships, love, and all over self-appreciation. Even if you’re single, that doesn’t mean you cannot express yourself in ways more than sharing love with another! Perhaps you can treat yourself to new cosmetics, doing a makeup look you LOVE, sporting a super adorable outfit on the go, and even treating yourself to a relaxation day of Netflix. For guys, do what makes you happy! Maybe it’s playing video games, or maybe it’s as simple as working out! Always remember there is hope, and when one has hope, good things will follow! For example, even if you’re feeling a bit down today, and cringe at couples making out, do be on the prowl for cuties that might be surrounding you, and might be eyeballing you (no pun intended, haha). Nothing is more of a turn-off than a women who lacks confidence– so OWN who you are, and ROCK the heck out of whatever you’re wearing today! Who knows, maybe you’ll find the one ;).

If perhaps you’re still feeling a bit on the empty side love tank wise, and don’t sense any hope coming your way, the BEST WAY to have something great occur, and in your favor, is to of course believe in yourself, but to appreciate who you are! When you strut down the street with confidence, that means with your head high, and owning the sidewalk like a runway, people will notice, and heads will turn. Even if you have insecurities of being a bit heavy set, or if you hate that mole on your cheek, do know many models of this generation are UNIQUE. Look at Cindy Crawford– they told her for YEARS to get her adorable mole removed. Did she? NOPE, Cindy showed them who is boss, and rocked tons of runways in her hay-day, although she still is beautiful to me, and quite intelligent as being a chemical engineer. Another example is Ashley Graham, who by the way I DO NOT think is plus sized, she looks like a real women! Graham has graced the covers of Sports Illustrated, and now Vogue as recent as 2 days ago. How’s that for women power? The funny part here, is that both have the epitome of what most women are insecure of, but do you see them self pitying? NOPE, they OWN who they are, and make do with what is in front of them. A more relatable example is me! I have gaps in my teeth, and every-time I go to the dentist I’m told to get braces, although I’m praised for having no cavities and extremely white teeth naturally. What irony. The point here is despite what you might look like, or what you might feel like inspire, being who you are is the best version of YOU. You don’t have to be a Cindy, or an Ashley, you have to be what feels right, and what always will feel right is expressing yourself.

If you want to wear giant hearts on your eyeballs today, GO FOR IT. I’m more than positive some man out there will praise those blending skills girlie, just remain hopeful. If you want tooooooo, wear an avant guard clothing piece, just because it makes you feel FREE, and confident, DO IT! I guarantee you, someone will say “gosh, where did you get that garment from?!”. Even if it’s not a man, or a women, whatever your preference is, some sort of love makes one feel good, right? Spend today exploring yourself. Again, even if you have some sadness, and crave that amazing feeling of being in love, just remain hopeful that your counterpart is out there somewhere. Good things happen to those who wait!

One thing I will NOT condone is weeping in bed crying, or just eating your life away because “it must suck”. Listen, you’re in the flesh, and you’re living. You’re not the little girl in St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital struggling with cancer, nor are you the one who rushed into relationship “just because”. You’re also not the couple that must be “goals” because they portray a fake image to society, and evidently break up within a few weeks. Know what’s real, and what’s not. Perhaps today is a good day to STAY OFF social media! Yes, you can text friends, and what not, and even mingle, but perhaps viewing Instagram which will be FLOODED with “bae”, and “goals” pictures won’t be the best mental health wise. Sometimes not knowing is better than knowing, especially if you’re depressive. Would you rather be in a relationship with someone who is less than what you’d expected? Before meeting Philippe I was always disappointed, and upset, hence why I took a break from dating a good 4 years, although in that time section I was talking to him. Being with someone who is attentive, loving, and knows you like the back of your hand is worth waiting a few months, or even years. Would you rather be with someone you’re always fighting with, or with someone who breaks up with you within a week? Of course NOT!

With all that being said, perhaps being single is in your path right now, and that’s okay. You must love yourself, before you can love others. Using me as an example, I was quite to myself, and was desperate to find love. Did I? NOPE, I had a bunch of sadness come my way. That sadness, is not worth crying every day. So appreciate that the Lord has protected you, and has put everything in your path that’ll satisfy you. The decisions you make such as seeking a random lover, is not his fault, it is yours. Perhaps it doesn’t make sense now, but it will. Ever wonder why so many relationships failed? Was it REALLY you, or was it that that person who wasn’t for you, and the universe concurred?

Below is a little graphic I made to sum up this holiday. It lists some fool proof methods to lift your spirits, for both MEN, and WOMEN! Trust me girls, men do feel the sadness too. A man is not man, for unless he shows emotion. An emotionless PERSON, is not a person at all. Feel free to comment below your own methods…it might help someone!

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