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Vapour Organic Green Beauty Review (Concealer, Foundation, Siren Lipstick)

Welcome back Jeaniez! Can you believe August is ALMOST OVER, because honestly I am sitting here typing this blog post a bit perplexed. Where did the time go? Anyhow, for today I shall be introducing to you love’s Vapour Organic Beauty! I have fallen in love with the team at Vapour as they are SUPER sweet, and have fallen in love with the products themselves. See below for my review, and my swatches xo!

DISCLAIMER: Vapour Organic Beauty sent me products as GOODIES, but did not pay me for a review. This blog encompasses my own opinion! None of the links are affiliate! They will direct your straight to Vapour’s website.

Vapour Beauty

What is Vapour beauty? Vapour is a green makeup brand that is not only cruelty-free, but uses organic ingredients to infuse natural botanicals on the face, mind, body and spirit. Their signature line is “Lit From Within Glow” since all their products yield a healthy natural radiance.


I have a tough complexion to work with. My skin is fair, but neutral! Not too yellow, and far from pink. Many brands mess this up, by shades way too dark, too yellow, too pink…you catch my drift! It’s a true problem! I also have sensitive skin, so another factor I look for is ORGANIC and natural ingredients. Luckily, however, Vapour is inclusive to all, and actually created a PERFECT match for me. See below for some complexion products I picked up!

Formulated with castor oil, sunflower seed oil, and lotus leaf extract, this concealer is PHENOMENAL! Triple o’ zero is a spot on match, and is versatile, because one can build up coverage from light to medium. I also would like to add this photographs AMAZING, and actually makes my skin look like skin! Worth the $25.00, my skin say’s “HELL YEAH!”

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation – S090 (lightest/neutral)

I am not one for loving FULL face coverage, as I only spot correct tiny blemishes, but this foundation was intriguing! It’s formula is made to nourish, and balance sensitive to combo skin types. It has a satin finish, with medium coverage! What I love is that Vapour included a herbal complex of Frankincense (great for pores), Tulsi (soothing) and Lotus (calming). This $54.00 foundation is easily justifiable! It gives you a natural skin complexion, check, it blends in flawlessly, double check, and it’s made from natural components.

Halo Illuminator 

The Halo Illuminator will CHANGE YOUR WORLD! The fine champagne neutral glow is flattering on all skin complexions, and will be sure to give you a halo of light. This is also formulated with Vapour’s Herbal Enlightenment Complex of Frankincense, Tulsi and Lotus! What I love most about this is you achieve a VERY natural, yet glowing sheen to the skin, with the benefits of skin loving ingredients. If you look at my photo above, you’ll see how dewy and FRESH my skin looks! This $36.00 wonder is a staple in ANY green beauty lover’s collection!

Lippie Time!

I love lipstick! Since I have the big eyes, I love to accentuate the rest of my face with color, and particularly on my LIPS! From Vapour’s website I fell IN LOVE with all the colors, it was hard to choose only two regular sticks, and four slick glosses! See below for photos, and deets.

I am wearing TEMPEST in the photo above, with the Illusionist Concealer, and Halo Illuminator!

Siren Lipstick: Temptest, Hint

The Siren Lipstick line is formulated with Pomegranate and Rose.  They have a silky texture that SMELLS AMAZING, and long-lasting, and has the most lush appearance. Tempest, is a fiery coral, and of course my favorite! Hint, is a warm rosy coral. As you guy’s know I LOVE myself in warm tones, so it was pretty cool seeing a brand delving deeper into complex hues. Below are further swatches of all the products!

Velvet Lip Gloss: Crystal, Bliss, Harmony 

These are no ordinary lip glosses! They’re literally velvet! With a lux texture, and SERIOUS shine, these now have a home in my essentials draw. Featuring Lemon Balm and Iceland Moss lips are hydrated and protected from dawn to dusk! One should know these are meant to be SHEER, but if you dig your fingernail in, and warm the product up, it becomes more like what you see in the jar. I also love the fruity scent these give off!  If you look below the third, fourth, and sixth swatches on my arms are in order: Harmony, Bliss, and Crystal!

Shiva Rose Elixir Lip Gloss

This shade is inspired by Shiva, who has a rose garden! Roses, as everyone knows symbolizes females, and the natural aspect of being feminine. This Elixir not only deposits beautiful rosy colors, but it has dimension, and is far from sticky! This is formulated with the key botanicals of Goji Berry, Green Tea and Açaí Berry. Oh, and by the way, it smells like a confection. See my photo below, where I applied the gloss in two layers! I would also like to add, this lasted me three hours, while talking, and laughing away. It feathered just a bit, but the color stayed pure and true!

Health, and The Body

When shopping for healthy and beauty items you tend to forget about deodorant. I mean, you buy tons of soaps a year, tons of makeup, but deo’ has always been a drugstore item you pick up, and walk out with. Funny enough, after really getting more into the green community, I started reading about TITANIUM in the deodorant’s which is LINKED to breast cancer! This freaked me out, and ever since I have been seeking the perfect go away pit smell product. Surprisingly, it’s hard! Many organic brands simply don’t work, and you end up smelling like chicken noodle soup! BUT! VAPOUR BEAUTY TO THE WIN! I decided to on whim try out their AER Next-Level Deodorant in Lavender Myyrh! With no aluminum, talc, or toxic ingredients I fell IN LOVE! I spent one day outside in the heat, sweating, came back in and smelled like fresh French lavender. This truly is NEXT LEVEL! 

I think it’s safe to say I love Vapour Beauty, and I am a Vapour girl! Will you love’s be trying out this cruelty-free brand? Let me know in the comment section below xo.

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