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  • Lillee Jean

Wander Beauty NYC Photoshoot 2019

Hey Jeaniez! Yesterday, June 3’rd, I was given the most amazing opportunity by Wander Beauty to do a photoshoot with them emulating everyday looks, and cleansed faces! Not only did I demo a classic on-the-glow look, but I also had a lot of fun demo’ing a simple nighttime makeup removing routine. I am beyond grateful for Wander Beauty owners Divya Gugnani, and Lindsay Ellingson for this opportunity, along with the amazing Sarah Brovda who seriously rocks! I will say it was hysterical when I had the Drift Away cleanser on my face and was running back and forth washing it off in 4 inch wedges!!!

Below are some pictures of the shoot, and a VLOG I recorded of my momanger and I’s journey into the city. You might have caught a IGTV short of it already! Basically, I wanted to take you Jeaneiz around my home, NYC, so the beginning of the vlog actually begins in my house…all the way on an adventure to Wander’s POP-UP shop!

This blog post WILL BE UPDATED when content goes live.

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