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             WOW! The launch of my website today truly was a blessing and a sense of excitement for me. None of this would be made so without you beautiful love bunnies supporting me ALL the way through. I just want you all to know I have a deep love for all of you. No matter gender, race, and even silly little things such as skin color! Funny enough, this is OUR anniversary month!! Two years ago today I started up this “Thaeyeballqueen” image. Two years forward we have Thaeyeballqueen.com, thanks to Matthew Montgomery of One Take Media (and my darling managers), and me as Lillee Jean being the model and actress (also an entrepenuer…we’ll save that detail for another anniversary). THAT ALL BEING SAID, SMOOCHES to all you cuties and XOXO for all! Continue loving yourselves, and spreading the positivity.

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