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What Goes Well With Purple Makeup? | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty

You know what I love? Purple!

In addition to being my favorite color, I find that almost everything goes with the shade. Purple eyeshadow? Pair that with a fashionable pink, black, or same-color outfit. Purple lips? Pair that with a complimentary clean-lined outfit. The following is a list of makeup colors that pair well with purple makeup. You'd be pleasantly surprised to find that sometimes even a mauve, can perk up even the harshest color!

Purple Makeup Ideas | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty
What Goes Well With Purple Makeup? | The Lillee Edit | Lillee Jean Beauty
  1. Purple eyeshadow and mauve lipstick

  2. Burgundy, mauve, plum, and magenta are all tones of purple

  3. Light purple eyeshadow, bold lipstick

  4. Contoured eyeshadow: deep plum crease, soft pink on eyelids

Purple eyeshadow and mauve lipstick

Purple Makeup Lillee Jean 2022
Lillee Jean

Purple eyeshadow goes amazing with mauve lipstick! I tend to be someone who is netural to warm, so when it comes to mauves, I choose things in that range. Warm. Mauve can very easily be greyed out, and extremely cool. This is a washout, for my skin, hair, and eye combination.

For the range that I love, an example pairing is with a purple like Mac Star Violet, and a lipstick shade like Mac Twig. Both are simply perfection. Warm. Classic. Beautiful.

Burgundy, mauve, plum, and magenta are all tones of purple!

purple lipstick Lillee Jean model
Lillee Jean

It's important to remember that purple is not perhaps the bold 80's color you're afraid of. Purple is mauve, plum, shades of magenta, and burgundy! You must get intimate with yourself, and find what looks best. Shades of purple lipstick that stand out to me include: Mac Cosmetics Diva (plum/red); Too Faced Lady Bold Take Over.

Light purple eyeshadow, bold lipstick

Lillee Jean Mauve Eyeshadow
Lillee Jean

Light purple eyeshadow is fun to work with! Pastel perhaps is not my thing, but a muted lilac, with reflects of pink, gold, or silver, can be gorgeous. The eyes can be kept simple with just a glimmer, while the lips are played up with mauve lips, or even deep plums. This hue also goes well with warm nudes.

Contoured eyeshadow: deep plum crease, soft pink on eyelids

Lillee Jean barbie makeup

The easiest way to pair purple eyeshadow is a contouring method! Apply a shade like Mac Sketch in the crease, with a soft pink or purple on the eyelids like that from Lorac Winter Rose. The contoured eye is not only workable with a wider array of lip colors, but it pairs well with a subtle purple effect.

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