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What Is WRONG With Society?

What is WRONG with Society?

Could it be our social impropriety?

Or is it a building society,

encaged in unscrupulous beings,

with the center defining at a single hold?

They brawl inside, yet have every chance to hide

What is WRONG with THEIR society?

Could it be their fellowship is for granted?

Or is it a chanted eruption waiting to implode,

encouraged by the weak, feared by the strong?

The pure now obscure, the experienced now innocent,

What have THEY done to their society?

Boastful at best, socially a pest,

Do THEY have a society?

The good tainted and persecuted,

The fellowship repaired,

How is THIS a society?

Built upon power,

Standing on wealth,

Lead by the skewered minded,

How is THIS a society?

Dragged on by faith,

Set back by old mutiny,

When will man learn?

When will man evolve?

Oh wait, my mistake

You’re above all, even the process of evolving itself

Doesn’t take much,

Just a bunch, it is not segregated,

They’re segregated

A wolf howls for freedom, equality, and integration,

yet fails to realize any breathing substance, MATTERS.

If this wasn’t so,

Who are YOU in this society?

An internet troll?

Perhaps a beauty maven!

Hidden behind an electronically,

musically ridden tapping board

full of hate, beauty, and well…

YOUR society.

What truly goes on in your mind?

A rush perhaps?

Oh wait, my mistake,

This is the “internet” we must bow down,

We must realize the good comes with the bad!

The innocent cry, the weak become angered, and the high above’s laugh

This my friends, is what is WRONG with society.

YOUR society.

THEIR society.

A society?

By: Lillee Jean Trueman, Thaeyeballqueen

Until one learns to see the beauty in everything around, that truly is the fault within. Hiding behind the statement “it is my opinion” yields the question “what happened to you? Too be crude, too be heinous, too be…you?”. This is what man is made of, they reek havoc and hide behind catch phrases. Everyone want’s to be unique yet MUST get lip injections, MUST contour, MUST complete the “instagram baddie” makeup style…yet fail to realize, there is no YOU in those face changing factors. Albeit, you should be free too do as you please, however, when the world becomes one shade of color, there is no world. There is NEVER a reason for someone to call you a foul name. From “ugly” to telling you how you should wear your makeup, this excluding trends, YOU DO YOU, there is no “we” or “I” in that word. Wanna’ wear some fabulous neon lipstick…in public? GO FOR IT, I commend you for being that 1% who is unique. Doesn’t look too great? Alright, move onto the next color, trying to fit into a singular mold is just as bad as being the mold.

Point is, please never let anyone get you down. Cliche of course, but they’re either jealous or have something wrong with them. By the way, for those confused with my poem the main idea is selfishness with mankind form the start of time! Really have been fuming and needed to let it all out, hopefully you loves can enjoy and take advice, and note from my little poem.

Lillee Jean Trueman



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