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What’s REALLY In My Products: Bleached Period Pads?! | Lillee Jean

        Before you allow the title of this blog post to make you second take, in all seriousness, WHY are period pads being bleached?! For a while, like most, I used regular drugstore brand pads, whether that be Stayfree or CVS brand, for numerous reasons. One of the top reasons being they’re accessible AND cheap (Stayfree Pads give 32 pads for $4.97, this is 0.15 per pad). The thing is, I am SUPER sensitive, thus I am ALWAYS looking for “better” or more natural alternatives to everyday products! Just recently, I feel ashamed that I’ve been supporting brands that test on animals…without even knowing it. That being said, in my research I found out that some brands BLEACH period pads, and add fragrance. Now, although there is no research to prove this causes CANCER, for example, I think it’s a bit gross to imagine chlorine and bleach near my lady bits.

The Process

Bleaching is basically fiber purification — meaning cotton and rayon undergoes a “purification” to eliminate impurities and to clean fibers. This also WHITENS the fibers to give them an ivory color. Stopping here, marketing wise, a woman would gravitate more towards the white pad, rather the brownish, or off-white pad. Correct? Stopping, here AGAIN, some brands bleach with hydrogen peroxide, if that can be used to “purify” pads, why are brands such as Stayfree still in the stone ages? Most tampons and pads are bleached with chlorine, which causes dioxin to be produced, which is LINKED to cancer, as it’s a known carcinogen.

Imagine Ursula as big businesses poisoning our vaginas :), and me of course as Ariel.

       From dioxins to pesticides, to fragrance all I can say is BLOODY HELL, pun intended! Did you love’s know that over 3,00 fragrance chemicals can be present in the feminine care product that sits right up against your vagina?! Below is a screenshot of a document upheld by https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2014/08/06/tampons-feminine-care.aspx & Proctor & Gamble (Tampax and Always). This shows the chemicals that may be in your tampons!

     Now, listen, I am not a “OMG” I’ll get cancer from this freak i.e. talcum powder, because how much are you really using, but oh my gosh, one of the most sensitive parts of my body is not only a watering garden with pesticides, but a mall of fragrances, and a cleansing ground of bleach. Can anyone say “EW?!”.

In The End

       I always have a big bag of Stayfree pads in my bathroom, because let’s face it, they’re cheap, and you get a lot of pads. However, on a personal level, am super sensitive, thus I’ve moved to more organic pads that are called “RAEL”. They’re cruelty-free and free of toxic chemics. Since using them this month, I’ve noticed a less occurrence of burning sensations, or rashes, and actually, I’ve found the pads to be MUCH more absorbent. The problem is they’re less obtainable, and for $6.90 you get only 8 pads…not as great of a deal as 32 pads for $4.97. Now this my friends is an issue, huh? ON the ups, organic cotton is better for the Earth, and for your vagina — also, products free of dyes, fragrances, or synthetic ingredients will more than likely be safer, too.

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Here is me fighting between Stayfree pads and Rael pads. AHHHH!

    Although most doctors do not agree with this, I don’t know guy’s…proof is really in the pudding when someone sensitive like me reacts better to the “natural” or “organic” pads, rather the typical drugstore brand pads. I actually wrote an e-mail to StayFree last night, asking them what are the ingredients in their regular maxi pads, I still await a reply, but when I receive it I shall put it up here for you love’s!

What do you Jeaniez think? Will you be making a switch, or does it not matter to you? ALSO, MONTHLY I will be doing a “personal” “What’s REALLY In My Products” blog pos, if you love’s are receptive to this :).


RAEL Pads:https://www.getrael.com/collections/pads-wash/products/overnight-pads?variant=2773528084507

Ingredients in StayFree: https://cloth-pads.livejournal.com/137810.html