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About Me

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HI! I'm Lillee Jean, and I'm a filmmaker, advocate, actress, entrepreneur, and model. I created my own web series, Lillee Jean TALKS! Live, which I write, produce, direct and host several times a month, which can be seen on my website, featuring some of the brightest and best talents in acting, music, and the arts. I also direct Style Your Lillee, Voyager, and Mind Over Beaute! All shows that instill positivity, and adventure. When I am not involved with these endeavors, being a Gen Z, I am advocating for the attention of online bullying with my awareness page Bullyish, as well as for the environment with 1Change4Change. I am pursuing efforts to change federal laws regarding online bullying.


In addition, I am a native New Yorker, and share my apartment with two adorable cats, Silky Louise, and Theodore Niklaus Trueman. I am an Aries, with my rising sign being Leo, and my moon sign as Pisces. In my free time, I like to digitally draw, and you can view some of my digital drawings on the Artwork page of my website. I own Lillee Jean Beauty, my beauty website, that focuses on skincare, makeup tutorials, and more. I'm quite proud to be the CEO.


I am a huge fan of all Disney Princesses, and I am also a huge comic book geek, with my favorite being DC Comics! I have been verified on Instagram, Facebook, as well as other social media platforms, and I am certified as a verified creator on FOHR.


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